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Your resume is your personal profile, something you should take seriously if you would like to develop a good brand and reputation to whatever industry you are interested to belong to. However, creating the best resumes may not be easy if you don’t keep yourself in line with the resume trends 2016 that will help you make things better for you.

Worry not though as we present the top resume trends you may want to follow for this year’s highly competitive job market, which may be more competitive per industry. No matter, you can make yourself shine with a well-written, thorough resume that does not only follow the trends of the times, but also highlights what makes you SPECIAL. Are you ready?

Best Resume Trends 2016

Twitter resumes

Top the list of trendy resumes because Twitter is one of the best ways of creating short, well-targeted resumes that give employers a quick sight of you without them having to read a lengthy word file that takes a couple of minutes.

This site also allows you to make use of your profile resume trends 2015 twitterto become the venue where to put links or URLs that employers could click through to get to know more about you. Best thing to do with a Twitter resume is to highlight the very main reason an employer should hire you, and having that said means you may want to skip the GENERIC FORMATS that don’t help even a bit.

resume trends 2015

Infographic resume formats

Well, in case you don’t know yet, this is by far one of the most trendy resume trends 2016 to make use of if you were looking to make an impact this year when applying for jobs. Not only that this is a very creative format, but it is also a great way of helping employers to know of you and to tell things you can bring into the table in case they would hire you. Today, there are infographic makers to use online, and many of them come free so no worries! This may work for you if you were looking to get hired for a creative, visual position, such as a logo maker, graphic illustrator or website designer because it can also display statistics and specific jobs you handled in the visual manner.

Video resumes

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Upload a video resume on YouTube as the latest resume format 2016 to use today! Of course you know how trendy it would be to be found online with your very own video, which URL you can quickly copy and paste and include in your resume, LinkedIn profile or website. You just need to create it one time, but of course, it must be targeted to a specific position you have been looking to apply to. Don’t forget wearing professional attire and recording in a quiet place with clean and clear background and lighting. In short, make your video resume professional-looking and job ready!

Colored resume templates

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Another new resume format 2016 is using colors to highlight specific achievements, accolades and awards you have received in your career, although they don’t have to ruin the look of your resume by making use of too many color combinations. What you got to do is choose well-blending-and-contrasting combinations, such as blue and white, black and white and so on. Test your template and see if its colors harmonize with each other.

Multipage resume format

latest resume format 2015 multipageMultipage is a new resume format 2016 to use, but you have to utilize it carefully. You should not make use of too many pages that won’t help in any way in your application because having too many of them may not be able to highlight only the most important points about you. Remember that an employer does not spend more than two minutes in a single resume, so make sure to include the MOST SIGNIFICANT POINTS in the first fold or part of your application. Your resume should only be kept up to only three pages—tops! This is acceptable if you couldn’t leave out other information you think would become significant in your application.

Targeted resume format

latest resume format 2015 targetedTargeted resumes are well-known for their effectiveness in highlighting your skills for a specific job application. As the name says, targeted means aimed at a particular company. And having that said also means that you may have to update your resume per job application, which job posting also varies from one another. You have to show you meet the company’s qualification guidelines by listing down and highlighting your potentials to fit into the vacancy they are looking for.

LinkedIn resumes

latest resume format 2015 linkedinLinkedIn resumes are also great to use for applying to a new job this year because LinkedIn is one of those online venues where recruitment managers and employers scan for new applicants and filter them out to separate applicants that stand out from those that do not. Remember including keywords, which you want yourself to be found for and using only a professional photo that presents yourself well to a potential employer. You only have to list down relevant jobs or work experiences that display your knowledge and skills.

latest resume format 2015 chartGraphical resume trends

Graphs and charts resume is a new resume format 2016 that will help employers see how well you have handled a project or job by showing off results with graphs, tables and charts, among other tools to show statistics, figures and facts to validate any claims you have had in your resume.

Quotes in resume

latest resume format 2015 quoteQuotations on resumes are also great tools for maximizing your job chances because in these sections are where previous employers’ testimonials about you and your services can be shown or highlighted.

Career objective

Career objective/summary are somehow old but are still integral for any resume because it is able to show, at a quick glance, how good you are in a specific role given to you. Make sure to write between three and five lines in the beginning and don’t forget using a good headline, too. new resume format 2015 summaryIn addition, ensure that your career objective is strong and highlights your best strengths.

There you have the best resume trends 2016 that you can make use to shine among the rest of the applicants. Not only that they are all professional formats and inclusions for a successful resume writing, but they are also necessities, in terms of helping an employer finding information they want to know quickly! And to make your resume flawless try using some of the resume formats 2015.

Write using these resume trends 2016 today!

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