Resume Trends 2017 for IT

resume trends 2017 IT

Changes in Labor Market

The labor market is no more static, particularly with technological development where we now receive information if form of text message, email, quick video clips and lots more. Frankly speaking, technology has changed the way we consume information dramatically and we must be aware of this and job seekers need to know the resume trends 2017 for IT and take necessary action to make the required changes to their resume 2017 for IT using latest CV trends to update how they are presenting themselves to the employers.

Resumes that are visually engaged will incorporate visual presentation of data, graphs, charts, shading, borders and color that will catch the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. As part of the changes in the labor market, inspired resumes such as info-graphic resumes will be more popular because hiring managers and recruiters take pleasure in reading them and only candidates or job seekers who present their resume in this way will stand out from the crowd in 2017.

In view of the fact that the attention of the recruiters is concentrated in more than a few directions at once, writing a cleaner and leaner resume will be a must, if you want to land any job interview in 2017. In other words, the more concisely the information on your resume 2017, the easier it will be digested. In the next 12 months, 35% of employers are planning to employ new employees and 69% wish to increase their workforce by 39% as far as the job market is concerned. This development will boost the courage of job seekers who will take a good look at their resume and make changes in compliance with the 2017 standards.

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Some Trends for IT (Template, New Format and Practices) 2017

Select the latest resume format 2017

The options available to you as far as resume 2017 is concerned are the professional, combined, functional and chronological formats. The professional resume format 2017 is geared towards a particular job or industry, pointing out your value proposition for the job opening and the industry. On the other hand, combined format is the most recent resume format that centers on the aspects of functional and chronological resume formats.

Functional type of resume format is based on your work skills, revealing your acquaintance and knowledge of the responsibilities and duties needed in the job. Finally, chronological format lists your work experiences in sequential order. In 2017 therefore, select your resume format, depending on your professional expertise, skills and work experience.

Keep your resume to just one or two pages

The bottom line is that you may weaken your application, if you write your resume 2017 beyond one or two pages. Remove any fluff and incorporate the salient points in your resume to avoid writing more than two pages. For instance, you don’t need to include all the many jobs you had in the work history section, but at least the most pertinent to the particular application. List them in the reverse sequential order, with the newest ones first and moving backwards.

Emphasize your achievements or accomplishments in each related job listed and not your job duties. Employers and recruiters are looking for real numbers and results in your resume 2017. Therefore, remember to include comparison as an evidence of your achievement.

Incorporate your social profile links to your resume

Making sure that your social media profiles such as LinkedIn and Facebook are included in your resume is one of the latest resume trends for 2017. This is in view of the fact that employers now confirm applicants through their social media profiles. However, ensure that your social profiles look professional and free from whatever may jeopardize your application. Moreover, check that they have professional photo or headshot and not just a casual-looking or fancy photo. Do not forget that many employers now verify applicants through their social profiles. Hence, make sure these do not include any non-professional, irrelevant and malicious content.

Channel your resume 2017 towards the exact job application

Using a resume for all job applications is one of the dreadful mistakes committed by applicants when creating and sending their resume. This will lower your opportunity of showing your real value worth for the opened position. Read and understand the job advert and prepare your resume in accordance with it to avoid this problem. Do not do shortcuts, but ensure that your resume is concentrated on meeting the needs and requirements of the probable employer. Taylor your content on the requirements and qualifications specified on the advert and meet their needs.

Advice for Freshers

Are you a fresher who want to convert your resume 2017 to job interview at your first submission? Then you need to note certain things when writing your resume for 2017. Here is my advice for you:

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  • Use proper and simple layout – Avoid the use of fancy papers and fonts as well as crazy colors, try to find the most effective styles of resume. Make use of professional fonts like Calibri and Arial. In addition, keep the font size between 10 and 12, based on the size of the font style you are using.
  • Use proper format in writing your resume 2017 – You can incorporate your volunteer jobs into your resume for 2017 as you are a fresher without any job experience. Nevertheless, ensure that you include only the most relevant experiences you have acquired before applying for this job in 2017.
  • Make use of clear headings and subheadings – In writing your resume for 2017, use clear headings and sub-heading to achieve the best outcome. Use headline that have your name, mobile number, email address and permanent address. After that, write the subheadings and your volunteers experiences and education background. At this stage, you can as well list some of the relevant skills that will show that you are a reliable candidate for the job.
  • Proofread and edit – It is worth mentioning that your resume must be error free. Therefore, proofread and edit it before sending it to your likely employer.

2017 has finally come with resume trends 2017 for IT. The trends have highlighted some of the things you need to do to make you stand out from the crowd and land that job interview. Therefore, if you don’t want to deceive yourself this year, make sure your use clear headings and subheadings for your resume, proofread and edit it, use proper format and simple layout.

Do you know that your resume can still be the best among equals in 2017? Learn more about resume trends 2017 for IT here!

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