Sales Resume Format That Is Sure To Be Useful

All resumes are different. The resume you were handing out to bars and restaurants when you were a penniless student should be completely different to the sales or HR resume format you now use. If you were to hand in that old resume from 5 years ago to a hiring manager for a sales executive job, your resume would be binned straight away. It’s a stark truth – but it’s the truth all the same.

You see, hiring managers in the sales field are looking for very specific things. They’re looking for numbers and the kinds of key elements that tells them you’re the right fit for them. If these numbers and key elements are missing from your sales resume template, you’ll be dumped into the no pile quicker than you can say correct resume template for the sales executive.

According to there are 973,173 job postings for sale positions.

Use Numbers

A standard resume template dismisses numbers in favour of words. But if you’re applying for the role of, say, sales manager, your resume format for sales manager has to trade words for numbers.

Numbers help you to quantify how successful you’ve been. For example, instead of saying, I was responsible for this and that, you should state that you increased revenue by 15% in 6 months.

These numbers are like gold dust in a sales resume layout. The hiring manager’s eyes are drawn to them, and they can immediately see your abilities and skills. Rather than sifting through paragraph after paragraph in search of the good stuff, they can spot it straight away.

sales resume format resume format for sales executive

Forget About The Summary

Unlike a standard resume, your winning resume template for sales executive does not need a summary. Hiring managers to admit that summaries take up too much of their time, and mostly they’re boring and tell them nothing.

Marie Cravey, executive recruiter at CyberCoders says: Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the summary section because I don’t think it’s as important as the accomplishments.

Include it if you really want to, but make sure that its brief and gets straight to the point.

Achievements Go To The Top Left Of Your Sales Resume Format

Remember, this is not a standard resume format, where your education normally goes first. This is a sales resume template, where your education is secondary. Hiring managers instead want to know all about your achievements. If you’ve got some pretty darn good achievements to talk about, don’t hide them away but instead find a way to get them to the top of your resume.

Always Put A Companys Name Before Your Job Title

If you worked for a pretty big company, such as PayPal, you need to include their name before your job title. This is not simply good etiquette – it’s more to do with the fact that having a big company like PayPal on your resume makes a huge impression. It’s just a neat little trick that you need to nail in your resume format for sales executive roles. But its a pretty darn good trick at that.

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