Simple Resume Format

Why Is Using a Simple Resume Format Important?

As most people will realize when you apply for a job you are likely to be competing against potentially hundreds of other applicants all looking to get an interview and win that position. The number of applicants also makes it very difficult for the recruiter when it comes to reviewing all of the resumes. Most recruiters will just quickly scan each resume and if they do not see all of the information they are looking for in just a fraction of a minute they will discard your resume. Your resume has to be able to draw their attention quickly to the right information and this is why using a clear and simple resume format is so important.
simple resume format

What Is a Simple Resume Format?

A simple resume format is one that is uncluttered and easy to read. Our samples here are a good place to start if you are looking for simple resume formats. They could be used to help you win an interview, just remember that if you use any of our examples resumes using your own personal information and tailor the content to meet the needs of the job that you are applying for. The best resumes are always those that are carefully written to specifically target a position rather than just to be used as a generic to apply to every post. A simple resume format should be;

  • Uncluttered; only use relevant information to the post you are applying for
  • Clearly written; use a 12pt font that is easy to read, do not use flowery or unusual fonts
  • Don’t use borders or other decorations that will distract the reader from the content
  • Allow plenty of clear space, blank space will actually draw the readers gaze to where to find information that you want them to see
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Using a simple resume format

Your Simple Resume Format needs to be tailored carefully to fully reflect both your skills and the specific job that you are applying for. You must carefully review the job advert and the website of the company to see exactly what they are looking for and what they value in an employee. The better that your resume reflects their precise needs the better the chance that you have of being selected for an interview. While using a generic resume may seem easier it is far more effective to tailor your resume to target the jobs that you really want rather than using a scattergun approach. You need to write using the following guidelines:

  • Put the most important information that they are looking for at the top of the relevant sections in your resume so that they read it first
  • Don’t lie or exaggerate your abilities within your resume
  • Use clear but short examples to demonstrate any skills
  • Proofread very carefully so that there are no mistakes within the simple resume format that you use

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