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Why Is Using a Standard Resume Format for Experienced Employees Important?

If you are applying for a new job then you are going to be aware that the only thing that is going to help you get that job is your resume. You will also be aware that the recruiter is likely to be looking at potentially hundreds of other resumes similar to yours. So how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd so that you are selected? The recruiter will only spend a few seconds reviewing each resume so when it comes to resumes first impressions really do count. So using a standard resume format for experienced employees that allows the specific points that the recruiter is looking for to stand out will help you to be selected.

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What Does a Standard Resume Format for Experienced Employees Look Like?

You can look at our standard resume format sample on here to see exactly how a standard resume format for experienced people in many different fields will look. You can look at samples elsewhere also and you will see that many of the different samples are themselves very different. What one person sees as standard compared to another is often very different. The most important thing is that your resume will cover all of the main sections that you would expect for standard and simple resume formats;

• A personal Objective – state why you want this specific role
• A Profile – Show who you are by means of a brief personal statement
• Your personal Information, contact details etc.
• Your Educational History
• Work history or experience will often be the largest section for an experienced employee (No need to go further than the last 15 years)
• Skills; this is an optional section but if the job is specifically asking for specific soft skills then you should consider using this section
• Volunteer work, hobbies, and interests; use this section if they are relevant to the job that you are applying for only

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Using a Standard Resume Format

For experienced employees, you may find that you have many pages of experience that you wish to include within your resume. This is why you should carefully tailor your resume to specifically target the job for which you are applying. A resume that has several pages or is packed with information is likely to obscure the skills and qualifications that the recruiter is looking for rather than highlight them. Write your resume carefully to target the specific requirements that the recruiter wants to see. Put the most important skills and other items that they are looking for at the start of the relevant sections and do not hide them within long lists of un-called for information.

This type of resume could be greatly combined with cover letter for nurse job or even for application letter for pharmacist.

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