Standard Resume Format for Freshers

What Is the Reason for Using a Standard Resume Format for Freshers?

With the amount of competition in the job market it is vital that your resume is capable of impressing the recruiter when you apply for a job. This however does not mean that you have to reinvent the wheel when you apply for a position. The recruiter will have a large number of resumes to look at and will spend only a very short period of time looking at each. They want to find the information that they expect to see very quickly to be able to tell if you meet their needs. If they have to hunt through an unfamiliar format or excessive amounts of irrelevant information to find what they need then you are unlikely to be selected to interview. Using a best resume format for freshers allows you to ensure that you get the right information presented to the recruiter easily and clearly.

standard resume format for freshers  freshers resume format

What Does the Standard Resume Format for Freshers Look Like?

You can search for examples online or take a look at our examples of fresher resumes here on our site. Any of these could be used to provide you with a standard resume format for freshers. Our samples can be used by you to provide an easy to use template for your resume but you do need to maintain the formatting of the page so as to maintain its effectiveness;

• Keep clear space for margins and between each section so that it is clean and uncluttered
• Keep section headings as simple bolded text so it is easy for the recruiter to know where to look
• Don’t use fancy fonts, maintain a 12point easy to read font for your resume
• Don’t decorate your resume with distracting borders or other graphics
• Use bolding and italics only where really needed such as headings

How to Customize Our Standard Resume Format for Freshers

A standard resume format that is carefully customized to fully reflect everything that the recruiter and the company are looking for is more likely to result in you being asked to attend an interview. Using a generic for every application will often mean that some of the skills and qualifications that they are looking for are not so easy to spot and therefore you will be overlooked. Ensure that your qualifications and skills are on the standard resume format for freshers in the order of importance that the advert specifies so that they are seen straight away by the recruiter as they check each section of your resume. Remember they are only looking to see if you match their needs, they will ask all of the other questions when you attend an interview, you don’t have to try to answer every possible question with your resume.

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