Take Your Chance with Latest Resume Format 2016

latest resume format 2016What Is the Latest Resume Format 2016?

For applicants looking to obtain a new job in the coming year, they may be looking for a good format to use for their resume.

Briefly, there are three types of resume: chronological, functional, combination. And those are what we’re discussing in the next section, in particular to their pros and cons.

Check them out.

Resume 2016 Format Types

Chronological Formats

  • Pros: They list your work history and it is a good thing because they give a short, quick glimpse about things you have done and your accomplishments. They are also easy to write.
  • Cons: They might not be ideal for candidates with employment gaps because employers can see that easily.

Functional Resumes

  • resume 2016 formatPros: They are perfect if you want to highlight your expertise and skills in the industry. They also let you highlight your specific strength and here you don’t need to list your previous jobs if you have gaps in your employment.
  • Cons: They don’t have a detailed work history, which may be a disadvantage for you if employers are looking for such information. Employers may also think you are trying to hide your employment history to them or they might think you don’t have enough experience and skills at work.

Combination Resumes

  • Pros: They are great for combining the two types of resume, and they may be for you if you want to highlight both your job experience and your skills in the job. This simple resume template can also show strong employment record and your transferable skills.
  • Cons: They have the jobs listed on the second page, but an employer may not scan your paper that far.

Check the best resume examples 2016 and get inspired!

Resume 2016 Format: At a Glance

Remember that your resume is your advertisement, so it is important that you decide on which method to use in your application before you start with the writing process. You must choose depending on the type of job application you are going into. For instance, you may want to use the chronological format if you have a good work history, and that you have to list them down starting from the most recent to the oldest. These can be perfect if you have a solid work background and you have no lapses in employment. So what is the best resume format for 2016? Decide based on your job experience and aspects of the job you want to emphasize.

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