Teacher Resume Format

Is the teacher resume format important when you apply for a post?

Teacher resume formatOften when you apply for a teaching post you are going to be competing against many other equally as experienced and qualified teachers. So how do you make yourself stand out from your competition and get called for an interview? Well the answer is simply through your resume; your resume has to fully reflect the requirements of the post as well as the institution within which you would be teaching. Not only does it have to contain the right information but it should use the very best teacher resume format so along with MBA resume format that those skills and qualifications that you hold are obvious to the reader.

Your resume may only be looked at for a few seconds before someone makes a decision, so having the right format to present your information is critical if you want to get selected for interview.

How should a teacher resume format look?

great-professional-teacher-resume-to-receive-the-job creative-professional-teacher-resume-template
Our professional teacher resume sample on our site here is a great place for you to start. You can use our samples as a starting point for your own teaching resume you just need to understand that the content of your resume needs to reflect you personally and of course the specific post that you are applying for.

According to PewInternet.org, a majority of U.S. adults (54%) have gone online to look for job information, 45% have applied for a job online.

In addition you may learn more about how to target the job within your resume and whether the perfect resume format is necessary on our site.

You need to carefully look at what they need and this means:

  • Carefully check the advertisement for the post to review their specific needs
  • Review the institutions website to see what they value in their staff and what their aims are for their pupils
  • Review any other information about the institution that may help your application such as inspection reports

Writing the best teacher resume

proper teacher resume format

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Your teacher resume format will need populating with the skills and the qualifications that you have identified within your review of their specific needs. You need to carefully write your resume in the following manner;

  • Put the relevant skills, achievements and qualifications under the relevant headings in your resume
  • Put the most important at the top of any section, do not hide behind irrelevant or additional items that have not been asked for even if you think they are important
  • Illustrate skills and achievements through short examples and quantify if possible
  • Use clear headings for each section and preceded with clear space to attract the eye of the reader
  • Use a 12pt font that is easy to read, do not use flowery scripts or excessive formatting of your text
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