The Best HR Resume Format 2015

For some, getting a job in HR is something they’ve wanted for a long, long time. To a number of people, its an ideal job. Yet the stress of actually getting a job in HR isn’t even worth contemplating. You know you have to go through a ritual you hate; you’ve gotta compose a resume. You’ve gotta spend weeks working on it. You’ve gotta spend days getting it right. For weeks, your life centres around this resume.

According to HR Specialists rank #16 in Best Business Jobs. Jobs are ranked according to their ability to offer an elusive mix of factors.

And you hate it because you know, deep down, that it just looks wrong.

This is because understanding the correct resume template for HR isn’t easy. Many people agonise over their resumes for hours, days, weeks, months, flirting with the idea that maybe – just maybe – their HR manager resume template is all wrong, and not only are they not going to get a job in HR, they’re not even going to get an interview.

hr resume format 2015  resume format for hr
After all, HR resume template 2015 is pretty much a deal breaker. If your format is wrong – or just plain bad – your resume isn’t going to be given a second thought. The hiring manager is going to toss it in the bin quicker than you can shout HR RESUME FORMAT 2015.

Let’s have a look at some pointers for the best HR resume format 2015.

Lose The Objectives

Not too long ago, people were heaping praise on something called an objective statement. Nowadays, good resume template for HR means ditching the objective statement. Why? Because it just takes up too much room. It’s essentially just fluffed with a nice name, and hiring managers hate it.

Avoid Special Effects

You’re applying for a position in HR, and for this reason your HR or marriage resume format 2015 has to be sophisticated and pretty much traditional. This means using Times New Roman, font size 12, and no colors. You can use bold and italic typeface if you wish, but don’t use them liberally. Use them only to emphasize key points, and never write entire words in CAPITALS. This is a resume, not a hard-sell for an ebook.

Keep Your HR Resume Format 2015 Simple

To ensure that your resume is viewable on most computers, you really should stick to Word format. If you experiment with a table format, you’re basically increasing the chances that your resume is going to end up on a hiring manager’s computer that doesn’t support it.

Avoid Action Words

Action words are great for selling products, but this is a HR manager resume format we’re talking about. While it’s true that you are selling yourself, hiring managers really don’t want to see customer-orientated keywords that ultimately lack meaning. You want substance before style.

Use Numbers

Instead of referring to past employment with sentences like, I was responsible for such and such, you should use percentage terms to demonstrate what you did and how successful you were. This means that you could write down that you increased profit by 34. By bolding the numbers, you are directing the hiring managers gaze to your strengths.

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