Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

Is a Cover Letter Really Necessary?

cover letter formatMany people think that their application does not need a cover letter; but what does that tell the recruiter? A cover letter is an opportunity for you to clearly state why you are looking for this specific position and why you are the most suited, if you don’t write this letter then it looks as if you have just submitted a generic application and do not have any real aspirations toward this position. Your cover letter, therefore, is vital and many people will just dismiss your application if you do not include one. Our tips for writing a cover letter below will help you to ensure that your letter is as effective as it can be.

Tips for Writing a Cover Letter; What Should You Include within Your Letter?

If you look at the best cover letter samples on our site and elsewhere on the internet you will see that they are all different, however, they should all be able to cover a few very important areas. While your cover letter should only be a single page in length it needs to very clearly sell you as the perfect fit for the position in question. This means that you need to follow the following cover letter writing tips:

  • Open as effectively as possible; state why you specifically want to work for their company or attend their institution
  • Select three to five specific things that they are looking for and show that you have the required skills or experience
  • Demonstrate all skills and experience using clear examples of when you have applied them effectively
  • Show that you have done your homework regarding the company by showing how you will fit within their ethos
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Tips for Writing a Cover Letter: How to Write Your Cover Letter

How well you write your cover letter will have just as much impact on your chances of selection as to what you have actually written. Even if you can demonstrate that you perfectly match their needs if you fail to impress with your writing you will still be rejected. The following tips for cover letters will help you to make your cover letter as effective as possible:

  • Always address your letter to a specific person (It shows you are interested enough to find out who will review your application)
  • Do not just repeat what they will read in your resume; this is your opportunity to specifically demonstrate your fit and aspirations
  • Never use any form of negative statements about previous roles
  • Stay relevant, your letter should be less than one page
  • Request a formal interview and tell them you intend to follow up your application
  • Proofread, proofread and then proofread again

These tips for writing a cover letter will help to ensure that you get noticed and have the greatest chances of being selected for an interview.

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