Top 5 Worst Resume Mistakes

The worst resume mistakes are actually also some of the most common. These are often mistakes, which are the result of the way people are trained to write resumes or think it’s the way they’re “supposed” to write cvs.

We’re going to go through 5 of the worst resume problems and mistakes.

Worst mistake #1: What do you do? You haven’t told us!worst resume mistakes ever

This is a real problem. A personal profile intro may say something like “I’m a goal-oriented person, focusing on productivity and performance”. Great, but what do you do? Are you a footballer, a line manager, or a shoe salesman? Explain what you do, first.

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Worst mistake #2: Just explain your role!

When writing a resume, remember you’re writing a resume! You don’t have to write a library about your job, just clarify what you actually do. Keep your description of your job straightforward and easy to understand.

Worst mistake #3: Business jargon and babblehow omit resume mistakes

A good cv focuses on delivering very clear information. A statement like “I contribute positive enabling synergies to the retail floor dynamic through my work on my checkout” doesn’t exactly qualify as clear, let alone as information. Just don’t use this stuff on your resume. Remove any information which doesn’t directly assist your readers in describing your skills, knowledge, and experience.

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Worst mistake #4: Way too much detail and extra informationstudent common resume mistakes

This is one of the most common resume mistakes. Relevant details are OK, but how much detail is enough? If you say you’re a customer service manager, your reader will want to know how many people you manage, etc., not how many phone calls you take. If you’re a sales person, readers need to know about your sales performance. Stick to providing useful information for your reader which shows you have outstanding qualities and might be a great employee. Provide enough information, not more than enough.

Worst mistake #5: A resume which came straight out of the cookie cutterworst resume mistakes list

This One Size Fits. All resumes are almost guaranteed to fail. Every job has its own criteria. Your basic resume can’t possibly meet all the criteria for every job you seek for. You really do have to check out what’s required and edit the resume to manage the information according to requirements of the employer.

These really are the top 5 worst resume mistakes. Everyone is guilty of them, at some time. Just focus on writing a good, relevant cover letter for resume and you can avoid these mistakes.

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