Top Career Trends for the Next 10 Years

Whether you are working adult or about to graduate and you are looking for a career change, knowing what major you will choose is a bit confusing. The career you choose is definitely challenging before you achieve success. Here are top career trends for the next ten years to choose from.

Top Career Trends

  • Computer programmer: It is true that numerous American companies want to recruit workers from overseas when it comes to programming jobs. However, there are still many works available for computer specialists in the United States. Since there are many computer programming security risks, companies opt for in house teams. Also, because of the development of operating systems as well as common code, there are many companies who want to develop software solutions. As of now, developers having unique backgrounds will build great specialized applications such as point of sale systems, databases as well as networks for customer relationship. To get your chances of getting hired learn how to craft the newest resume format.

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  • Day care provider: Recently, there are gazillions of providers for day care who struggle because of high stress, low wages and poor security. Because of demand for high quality child care, there are numerous parents who are willing to pay premium facilities with strong learning and excellent reputation programs. After ten years, there will be more demand for lucrative opportunities when it comes to child development.
  • Specialist for elder care: There are many families who want to get help for caring elder ones. Even though there are a luxury resort setting, every facility still opt to rely with qualified healthcare teams to look for their loved ones. Because of consumer and governments need for elder care facilities, there will be high demand on applicants for elder care with positive attitudes and proven skills. The health information technology will be in demand and it belongs to top 10 careers.
  • Employment specialist: Because of elder care and child care, there are many Americans who choose to turn to employment agencies in arranging flexible or short term employment relationship. The United States Department of Labor identify that the employment specialist will be one of the fastest growing careers for coming decade. For individuals having good interest and great interpersonal skills, this position will be in demand. It also means that employment specialist will earn more compared before as long as they have good skills and interests in the chosen field.
  • Environmental engineer: Many countries need to cope up with the crumbling infrastructure like sewer lines and outdated water. Environmental engineers will play a significant role in each community wherein they will oversee renovation and new construction. Lots of engineers will work for corporations and developers.
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    Home health aide: Many aging people want to live in their own house and many people who have illness and injuries also want to avoid the high expense in staying in the hospital. Because of this, home health aide will be on demand. They are the ones who will give care to patients not on the hospital, but in the house of the patient. The good thing is that home health aide will benefit from short commutes and flexible schedule.

  • Management consultant: There are growing companies who get a help outside when it comes to challenges and problems. Consultants who are building reputations in solving the problems of client will earn more. Because of the networking technology, the arena for consulting becomes on demand. Having insight, good qualifications and years of experience, a consultant can earn income from their home at the same time helping clients around the world.
  • Networking specialist: Networking specialist needs to know how to connect the devices of organization to another. It is important that they will learn how to manage it efficiently. Since technology is continuing to advance, different jobs are also emerging and networking specialist belongs to the list.

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  • Physician assistant: For students who wants medicine, but do not want to have full medical degree can opt for physician assistant. They only need training and to know how to perform tests, handle tasks, file reports and others.
  • Coordinator for social services: There will be numerous coordinators for social services after ten years that is responsible for wellness of people and that monitor the safety of people.

When you make your choice, do not forget to pick corresponding 2016 resume trends as well.

If you know about career prediction, you get to know what career you will choose. It is important to choose what career you want so that you can earn significant income.

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