Top Trends For Right Resume Format 2015

Knowing enough information about a simple resume format 2015 is a big thing because you will know what latest trends of resumes are. For old style format of the resume, it is much longer, lack of personal profile, no list of skills, and harder to write but with the latest trend, it is easy to follow and more effective.

New Resume Template 2015

  • Better organized and have more information
  • Have special sections for personal information, achievements and skills
  • Straightforward layouts
  • Mush easier to write and edit

resume format 2015 best resume format 2015

Sections of 2015 Resume Format

The best resume template 2015 needs sections for clarity, which includes:

  • Professional summaries or objective objectives: In 2015 resume template, this section should be included. It will be the first part of your resume. Be sure it is only about two to three sentences in length and will not exceed that length.
  • Accomplishments: You need to highlight that you performed well in the jobs or roles you acquired over the years. Present the current and important accomplishments that are in line what you are applying for.
  • Work history: It is essential to tell the prospective employer what your responsibilities you undertook in your previous position or positions are.
  • Skills: A skills section is effective to tell to the hiring manager you’re capable of the position you are applying.
  • Education: Do not forget about education section because it is essential for employers especially if it is related to the job.
  • References: Write it on a separate sheet of paper if it is required or asked by the prospective employer.

According to 94 percent of sales professionals say that base salary is the most important element of their compensation plan. And only 62 percent of sales professionals say that commission is most important.

Dos and Don’ts of Resume 2015

  • Use professional font like Times New Roman
  • Use small but brief bullet points
  • Bold headings
  • Limit resume up to two pages only
  • Do not include personal details like social security number
  • Never write negative details
  • Do not exaggerate on your qualification skills

When you know a good resume template 2015, you no longer need to worry because you have a guide to follow. The time you know what format you will use, ensure that you follow it correctly and supply it with wonderful details. Write your resume today!

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