Use These Resume Tips 2016 for Your Success

When applying for a job, resume tips 2016 will be handy because it lets you make a good first impression with the employer. However, your success will depend on how you present yourself through your resume. They say that your CV is your one shot at success to capture the attention of the employer or hiring manager. Check out the following tips and resume examples 2016 for your guidance and reasons a good resume can help.

Resume Tips 2016: Why a Resume Is Important

Based on statistics, a hiring manager or an employer only looks into a resume for a couple of seconds. In this case, you should be making a bang with the presentation, organization and other elements, including design of your application matters. Aside from the overall presentation of your CV that matters, according to experts on 2016 resume tips, your content is as important.

There should be organization of data presented, main reason you have to format your resume in a manner that the most important details are found on the top fold. In the process, the employer will be able to see information he is looking for without him having to dive into the entire resume. According to 2016 resume tips, it will help if you make use of short text, bullet points and of course, subheadings.

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Best Resume Tips 2016

  1. One of the tips for resumes 2016 is to make use of the right format based on your skills and professional experience. It will help if you choose the most used formats available, including the reverse chronological, functional and combined format. You can use the chronological format if you have years of work experience without employment gaps. It can also be used if you want to emphasize your solid work experience, which you think will help you perform the duties and responsibilities well. On the other hand, you can choose the functional format if you have gaps in employment, if you have great skills for the job or if you have been terminated in the past. Reason is that this resume focuses on your professional skills and expertise in the job and not on your solid work of experience. Then, there is the combined resume that makes use of the features found in the two types of resume formats.
  2. Keep a professional design and presentation. While it may be tempting to make use of the colorful resume samples 2016 available online, these may not be for you if you are not in the creative industries like graphic design, fashion design and web development. Stick with the classic resume that makes use of only black and white. Also, be sure to choose the same font type throughout the paper for uniformity. For the headline with your name, you can select a larger font size to draw attention into this section.
  3. Proofread your resume before submitting it to the employer or company. A single typo may ruin your application because it might demonstrate that you cannot be trusted even in small things like ensuring your paper is free from spelling and typo.

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What’s New in Resume Writing Tips 2016?

  1. Visual resumes are in, and some of these include video resume, social media resumes and infographic resumes.
  2. Applicant tracking systems are used by employers and recruiters in filtering their applicants.
  3. Employers now also look into social media for verifying information about applicants.
  4. Resumes submitted must be in PDF or DOCX file type.
  5. Objective is now outdated. Replace it with a career summary.

What to Include and to Skip

  • Include social media links.
  • Do not include an objective section.
  • Update your contact information
  • Highlight your expertise at a glance by adding your career highlight section.
  • List your work experience in the reverse chronological order.
  • Do not include personal details, like civil status and number of children.

Resume Writing Tips 2016: Catchy Words

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  1. Assist
  2. Advanced
  3. Committed
  4. Able
  5. Analysis
  6. Accomplished
  7. Conduct
  8. Conducted
  9. Coordinated
  10. Develop
  11. Deliver
  12. Diversified
  13. Earned
  14. Enhance
  15. Facilitate
  16. Fulfilled
  17. Generated
  18. Gave
  19. Hosted
  20. Implemented
  21. Improvised
  22. Launched
  23. Maintained
  24. Marketed
  25. Modernized
  26. Negotiated
  27. Operated
  28. Originated
  29. Performed
  30. Planned
  31. Prepared
  32. Promoted
  33. Provided
  34. Pursued
  35. Ranked
  36. Recommended
  37. Reengineered
  38. Restructured
  39. Spearheaded
  40. Strengthened
  41. Structured
  42. Superseded
  43. Supervised
  44. Taught
  45. Tested
  46. Trained
  47. Transcended
  48. Upgraded
  49. Utilized
  50. Valued

There you have your quick guide about the latest in resumes for 2016 that you have to know in order to increase your chance of receiving an interview invitation. Refer to this article when you need help for your resume.

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