We Share Our Fresh Resume Content Ideas with You

resume contentThe new issues for resume content are being driven by the market, and by big changes in resume formats. The new resumes are highly effective, and they’re all about managing content differently. If you haven’t upgraded your basic resume or chronological resume format recently, now is the time to do it. Old resumes are very uncompetitive these days.

The New Resume Content Approach

Evolution has changed the whole idea of managing resume content. The functional resume “revolution” has completely rewritten the script for resume information and content management.

The “magazine layout” is a game changer. This is a highly efficient way of managing information, content, and space, and it’s also excellent presentation. The market is catching on to the idea that this ultra-efficient way of delivering information is also a big plus for recruiters and employers.

CVs, too, are evolving to take up some of the ideas of the new resumes. CV content structure in its old formats had to change, and the new content for curriculum vitae is very similar to functional resumes in some ways, if retaining basic chronological structures.

contents of resume  contents of cv
For job applicants, the good news is that the new resume content ideas are also making it a lot easier to create a good, competitive resume. The big move away from formally structured, old style resumes to much more efficient functional and combination resumes has been a real game changer.

For employers and recruiters, the good news about resume content is that the new content approach is far more efficient for them, too. Information is much better laid out. Skills, high value information, and similar useful materials are a lot easier to find. Computer screening is easier, too, now that the stodgy, and let’s face it, rather inexcusable “our software can’t read this” situation has been overcome.

modern history of the resume

Yes, You Do Need to Freshen up Your Resume, Preferably ASAP

There’s another issue to consider here. The new resumes are really taking over in the job market. You need to be up to speed, if your resume is going to work for you.

Think about this:

  • Check out the new resumes.
  • Compare your existing resume.
  • What does your resume need?
  • Can you see some major positives with the new content and new layout ideas?

As you will see, the new resume approach is all about doing things better. It’s actually less work than your old resume style, and you’ll see for yourself that you can target your resume to any job very easily.

Experiment with the new simple resume formats. See how you can make your resume a lot more competitive and you’ll soon find you’ve got more than a few ideas about how to give your resume a major upgrade.

It’s easy. Go through each section, compare, and see where the new resume content and layouts add more value. All you need to do is adjust and rewrite a few parts of your resume. You may need to add or change a section or so, but it’s not hard to do.

You’ll be surprised at how much better your new resume looks!

Image credit: mashable.com

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