Why This Is an Excellent Layout of Resume

The layout of resume plays an important part in your application because such can leave either a good or a bad impression for you. On that note, it is equally important that you take this chance to coming up with the proper resume layout that can help in marketing you well to an employer and make him realize that you are indeed the perfect candidate for the position offered.

A Few Tips for the Best Resume Layout

  1. Before the layout, it is also important that you pay attention to the graphical elements and the white space in your paper. They are integral in making your resume readable, with information organized in a logical manner. You should also be aware of 2016 resume trends to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Also, you have to remember to keep your paper to only one page. But this of course may be hard to achieve if you have been working for many years. In this case, you don’t have to stress because you can go on up to two pages. However, you have to stay clear and concise with your resume as much as possible.
  3. You should also have the best resume layout in four margins of equal measurement. The recommended one is between one and 1.25 inches. And if used in moderation, a couple of shaded boxes, lines and small graphics can also be useful in your resume. However, you have to use correct judgment when deciding to use such elements. You may use graphics and so on if you are applying for a web designer job, but not if you are applying for a bank as a loan officer.

Resume Layout Examples

  1. One-column or traditional layouts: They are used in highlighting your objective and skills summary, work experience and education, which are listed in blocks. All the lines are using the left-justified alignment.

    layout of resume

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  2. Two-column layouts: They are used for modern resume formats and are more creative. They are made up of headings on the left side, and some of these are the skills, work history and others. On the right side, there are corresponding paragraphs or bullets listed.
  3. Left aligned resume layouts: All the headings and the corresponding paragraphs or bullets are left aligned. These layouts can be used for a clean and nice-looking resumes.
  4. Center aligned layouts: They are centered. While it may be harder to read the text, you can make use this with the right elements for a good formatting and layout options. They can make for elegant resumes, too.

There are many styles of resumes, choose the one that suits you most.

Resume Layout Examples: To Use or Not to Use a Resume Layout

The decision about the layout to use will be personal preference. There are many possible combinations when it comes to font and spacing. If you want to get the best results, you may want to use two or three layouts with your details to find out which gives you the best feel. It won’t also hurt if you would ask help or advice from some people when choosing a layout for your resume. Nevertheless, choose the one that can best present your information.

Excellent Layout of Resume

Image credit: designbolts.com

More Tips for the Best Resume Layout

No matter what layout you choose, make sure that you use the right format for your application. If you are an experienced worker with years of solid work experience, you can make use of the reverse chronological format for your paper. This will list your most recent employment to the least recent. The important thing here, however, is to include only the most relevant job experiences that you have.

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On the other hand is the functional format, which is focusing on your job skills other than your work history. This may be for you if you have gaps in employment, if you have been terminated a couple of times or if you are changing careers.

Finally, there is the combination or hybrid format for your resume. This one uses both the characteristics of the previously mentioned resume formats. You can combine your work history and your skills in this flexible format.

There you have some important things to note of when preparing your resume using the best resume layout. Finally, learn more tips from the pros when deciding on the layout and format to use.

Study your options and choose the most suitable layout for your resume today!

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