You Should Know Latest Resume Trends 2016

Keeping yourself updated with the resume trends 2016 is for your advantage. It gives you more chances of exposure and higher rates of job success, other than sending an outdated resume. In today’s blog, you will learn of the latest trends in writing your resume that will give you an increased chance of landing a spot in the interview. Check our resume writing tips 2016 here.

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Best and Latest Resume Trends

  1. Use visual information: This is one of the best 2016 resume trends to remember. You can make use of graphs, tables and pictures to show your experience and expertise for the job. For instance, you can show how you increased the sales of a specific company in the form of a table or a graph. The information is presented at a glance, giving your reader the chance to see through your accomplishments without him having to scrutinize every word in your resume. In the process, you can give him an easier time in scanning for the details he is looking for when determining your suitability for the position.
  2. Try an infographic resume: This is one of the most recent resume formats or styles to use because it presents yourself in the fastest manner as possible through using graphics and animations that can display your expertise in the job. However, you may want to skip this type of resume style if you are not in the creative fields but in the medicine industry.
  3. Use short sentences: Avoid the use of chunky texts in your application if you don’t want to turn off the employer. Make it easy for him to get information in your resume by using precise and strong words in your application. Do not try to explain everything so much but make use of a few words to elaborate your point, like your accomplishments.
  4. Use bullets when needed: This is for easy scanning of your application, one of the best resume 2016 trends to remember. Using bullets can draw attention into specific aspects of your application and makes it easy for the employer to take a look at your expertise and your achievements.
  5. Use keywords: These are important key terms used by applicants in order to demonstrate their familiarity of the job. You can make use of action words that best define the things you can do and offer to the table.
  6. Be generous with use of buzzwords: Give the reader more chances of getting to know you better with the industry terms demonstrating your professionalism and knowledge in the industry. Check out resume 2016 sample that can highlight your specific industry experience with terms that apply and that highlight your familiarity.
  7. Highlight your transferrable skills: This is one of the latest trends in resume writing to consider. Some of these include time management skills, team-playing skills and leadership skills.
  8. Skip the objective section: This is obsolete, so skip it in your resume. Replace it with the career summary section that can demonstrate your accomplishments and professionalism to handle the job. This can be composed of up to six lines of text or bullet points. Choose only the most significant and relevant ones for a strong resume.
  9. Include your social media profiles: One of the latest resume trends, your social media resumes can help the employer or hiring manager get to know you better. Make sure that your profiles are updated and professional looking. Update your LinkedIn profile and do not leave any fields empty.
  10. Use a spell checker: When proofreading or editing your paper, make use of a good grammar and spelling tool that can check and spot for mistakes you have committed. However, do not rely on it entirely, as you also have to double check your resume before sending it to ensure that it is free from errors.
  11. Keep your resume to only up to two pages: Do not go beyond this length, but make sure to keep it to avoid weakening the impact of your application. See to it that the most important details are on the top fold of your paper.
  12. Tailor each resume to each job application: Read and understand the posting and write based on it to meet the needs and requirements of the employer.

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There you have what to know about the latest resume trends to keep and follow when writing your application. Start brainstorming on what to include and what to skip and finish an appealing resume today!

Latest Resume Trends 2016: Samples

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Use these resume trends 2016 to stand out from the crowd!

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